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Tuesday, 16 January 2018
The right leadership makes the biggest difference

"The right leadership makes the biggest difference," says new YMCA Australia Board member Richard Nedov, reflecting on the most effective organisational reforms he has been part of in a 30 year career leading large operational organisations across multidisciplinary industries.

Richard likes what he sees of the YMCA in Australia, having first come across the Y through his two daughters’ participation in gymnastics at Epping YMCA in Sydney.*

"The fundamentals are all there," he says of the YMCA. "There is great work going on in every Y every day, by seriously smart and passionate people."

Any structure can work, he says, provided everyone is crystal-clear about their role. And having the right people, the right leadership, is vital.

His original studies as an electrical engineer points to Richard’s enjoyment of taking complex things and simplifying them, helping everyone understand "the big picture" – as well as to his life-long love of tinkering with cars and motorcycles, of which he has a garage full.

He also really enjoys the people side of business, and counts some of his most satisfying work having come from bringing diverse parts of the business together for shared business outcomes. After operational roles at Transfield, Richard found himself tapped on the shoulder to be Head of HR – precisely because of his enjoyment of collaborating and connecting and bringing different parts of operations together to solve problems. He has also led Shared Services implementation and Procurement ($2bn organisational spend) functions, which is pretty handy as the YMCA begins to look more closely at how it could achieve greater savings and efficiencies by operating as "One Y" in these two key areas.

Currently working in an interim CEO role in the energy industry, outside of work Richard is a mentor with Rare Birds which supports women in business to grow and scale their businesses. He shares the YMCA’s commitment to healthy and active living, and keeps fit by exercising every day, including working out at his "agricultural no mirrors" home gym.

His previous Board/Governance roles have been with Harbour City Ferries, TW Power Services and as a director with Broadspectrum, Transfield’s Indigenous Advisory Board.

Welcome to the Y, Richard!

*Richard believes in the power of inspired young people, and talks glowingly of his two daughters, Emma, 21, and Maddy, 19, both talented gymnasts. Emma is a Junior Gymnastics Commonwealth Gold Medallist, was top qualifier for the 2016 Australian Olympics team, (but the team itself failed to qualify due to a couple of other injured athletes), and is working hard recovering from a major injury towards selection for the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

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