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Wednesday, 31 January 2018
The most important issues to young Australians

The UN Youth Australia has just released their 2017 Australian Representative Consultation Report. With over 50,000 young Australians, between the age of 12 and 25 (with the average age of 16) consulted. See their website for results of each state.

The top five issues raised in this consultation, in order were:

1. Gender equality, the top issue raised in Australia.

“I see my friends, the incredible women in my life attacked on the daily. On group chats, behind the screen and even face to face conversations. It’s all normalised, so I guess we all just accept it and move on. ‘It’ referring to the objectification we face every single day” – Sara 16.

2. Housing affordability was a concern all over the country.

“House prices rise every year. It is becoming impossible for us to afford a house or even an apartment” – Eassie, 15.

3. Climate change worries young people.

“I wish the government knew how much passion exists in our community for a response to climate change that sees it as a challenge to the status quo, a wake-up call, and an incredible opportunity” – Alex, 19.

4. Marriage equality, young people frequently discussed marriage equality.

“It’s validation that, yes, my peers, friends and strangers think I deserve equality under the law. That by extension, my sexuality doesn’t make me less of a human” – Bec, 25.

5. Healthcare, improving mental health and disability services were of significance.

“I wish that the government knew that the current system for getting help with mental health, especially for students and younger people is really difficult” – Sara, 16.

Are you frustrated about issues affecting young people in Australia? We want to provide a platform for the voices of young people and about young people, so we can amplify it. Share your voice on our WhyNot platform - click here.

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